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We invest in early stage companies where we can add significant value through our expertise, relationships and execution risk reduction. Our investment theme focuses on startups with products that fuse hardware, software and cloud (IoT) that include a recurring revenue stream. Our team members have created hundreds of innovative products in Medical, Life Science, Food & Beverage, Commercial, Retail, Military, Printing, and Connected Kiosk Spaces.





There are always unknowns in the commercialization process (X factors). Our team is here to help you identify, navigate and de-risk these challenges. We are engaged and supportive investors who are here to help entrepreneurs launch, build and scale successful businesses.

The Internet of Things is here and a new generation of connected Smart Machines is changing the world.

“FusionX's investment into NanoCellect has been a huge boost for our commercialization path and we are excited to have a great team join us in our vision to enable biomedical applications that require cell sorting. Beyond the funding, FusionX has also expanded our network with very experienced people. Ken, who joined our board, complements very well with our team culture and shows strong commitment to help NanoCellect succeed.”

Jose M. Morachis, Ph.D.

President and CEO, NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc


We aim to be the best in the world at empowering game changing companies through the fusion of executional risk reduction, venture capital, and strategy. We will become a trusted partner and ensure that your first customers become reference customers.

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